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Picking Up My Teaspoon Today

I've posted about it before, but I'll always love this one:

"I tell everybody a little parable about the teaspoon brigades. Imagine a big seesaw. One end of the seesaw is on the ground because it has a big basket half full of rocks in it. The other end of the seesaw is up in the air because it's got a basket one-quarter full of sand. Some of us have teaspoons, and we are trying to fill it up. Most people are scoffing at us. They say, 'People like you have been trying for thousands of years, but it is leaking out of that basket as fast as you are putting it in. Our answer is that we are getting more people with teaspoons every day. And we believe that one of these days or years -- who knows� that basket of sand is going to be so full that you are going to see that whole seesaw going zoop! in the other direction. Then people are going to say, 'How did it happen so suddenly?' And we answer, 'Us and our little teaspoons over thousands of years.'

-'Uncle' Pete Seeger

"Mr. Hall, how can I answer that?"

Um, I don't know what to say about BaconCamp, but I have to make you look.

Music To Book By

There are some great anecdotes from people in the children's book business about the music that inspires them -- share your own here:


Some of my recent favourites on the site:

Diversity in Fiction by Sarah Ockler:


Confessions of a First Time Author by Nan Marino:


Research in fiction by Jennifer Hubbard


And check out the author spotlights, interviews, and behind-the-book wonderfulness -- February was an amazing month for debuts!

Good Works

Visit my other (soon to be only -- yeah, I know, I'm breaking your heart) blog for information on innovative and easy ways to aid, support, and encourage those affected by the Victoria Bushfires.

And for a very pleasant diversion, read this fantastic interview with author Heidi R. Kling over at Juvenescence.


More fabulous YA and MG debuts..Sarah Maclean's The Season also exploded onto the scene. Great interview right over here!

Stacey Jay and YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME made a big splash in Mississippi. And Erin Dionne's MODELS DON'T EAT CHOCOLATE COOKIES was a huge hit at our local Scholastic Book Fair; it's also blowing up the blogosphere, big-time.

Amazon links provided for book descriptions; if you can, pick up the books at your local independent bookstore.


Shadowed Summer, by the awesome Saundra Mitchell is out today -- don't miss it! Check out this interview with Saundra and some fascinating video glimpses behind the book, like this one.

Booklist called it "Highly atmospheric, with pulse-pounding suspense and an elegiac ending." Pick it up at your local indie, online...anywhere. I've been too chicken to read it yet, but I'm going to crack it open today. When I'm not alone.

WOOOOOOOO! (of both the scary and the huzzah! variety.)

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